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The Squawks

written and illustrated by Ruth Thorp


Meet the Squawks – an irresistible community of quirky birds!


Written in a tongue-twisting rhyme, each page is sure to raise a smile from readers of all ages.


'The Squawks is a joyful picture book; gorgeous to look at and pure fun to read.' My Book Corner


Published by Raw Mixture Publishing in 2014, this is the first book written and illustrated by Ruth Thorp.


ISBN: 978-0992864705

Paperback. First Edition. 36 pages.

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Trails Book_Raw Mixture_285x373

Soul Manifestos and Pieces of Joy

written by Steve Thorp

illustrated by Ruth Thorp


Steve Thorp’s small, poetic essays are written against the backdrop of conflict in modern culture, politics, economics, ecology and psychology. Each piece stands alone but together the collection coalesces into a gentle, intuitive polemic that seeps into the consciousness.


"I think this book is going to stay with me forever. The kind of book that I will pick up and read sections, pick up and immerse myself in. The balance and purity make me calm and yet excite me at the same time. I picked your book up at Bath Artisan market. I read the page on Childhood and welled up - I think it is a wonderfully written, thought provoking marvel." Dawn J


Published by Raw Mixture Publishing in 2014.


ISBN: 978-0992864712


poems by Steve Thorp

artwork by Elaine Johnson


This four-part pamphlet weaves words and images in ways intended to surprise, challenge and even delight. The theme at the heart of Trails, is the price paid by young girls whose eyes and fingers were ruined by years of work in the English Lace-making industry in the 19th Century. Elaine’s evocative three-dimensional piece, ‘Tell me’, was the starting point. Steve’s words echo the work and suffering that was punctuated by the simple, repetitive tells sung by these forgotten workers.


Published by Raw Mixture Publishing in 2014.


ISBN: 978-0992864729

Unpsychology Issues 1-3


Unpsychology magazine responds to themes of psychology, soul-making, ecology and 'wild mind'.


Published by Raw Mixture Publishing in 2014-2016.


Unpsychology Magazine is linked to the 21st Century Soul community – you can find more about 'Soul making' HERE and on the Facebook page.

unpsychology mag cover 978-0-9928647-1-2-soul-manifestos-and-pieces-of-jo


written by Sarah Thorp


The Industrial history of Porthgain does not

willingly lend itself to tales of fairies, magic and

matters of the other realm. And yet it was in this

unlikely hamlet on the coast of Pembrokeshire

that all ‘the funny business’ (as locals refer to it), began.


A short story. On a dark stormy night in October, Jack writes a farewell note to his daughter and leaves his home for the very last time. ‘Punishment’ is an unexpected tale of fairies, magic and matters of the other realm.


Lilly Mae

written by Sarah Mahfoudh 

Illustrated by Ruth Thorp


A story about a feisty little girl called Lilly Mae who lives on a cloud and changes the weather according to her moods. With its quirky rhyme and beautiful illustrations, Lilly Mae is sure to charm parents and children alike.


'This book is a fantastic tool for parents and children alike. It opens up a dialogue on mood and how our emotions can affect our actions - and how, in turn, our actions affect other people. These types of books; stories  with a modern moral message are the type that demonstrate why books are just so important for children.' The Tester Family


Published by Raw Mixture Publishing in 2015.


ISBN: 978-0992864736

Paperback. First Edition. 32 pages.

Squiggle Bee

written and illustrated by Ruth Thorp


'Squiggle Bee is a squiggly bee who’s just a little different.'


A colourful rhyming picture book about a happy little bee trying to find her place in the world.


'She squiggles left and wiggles right

and zig zags up and down.

She dips and dives among the flowers

and spirals round and round.'


Published by Raw Mixture Publishing in 2015.


ISBN: 978-0-9928647-4-3

Paperback. First Edition. 32 pages.

unpsychology 2

Poetry Pamphlets

previously published by Creative Thorp


poetry by Steve Thorp

artwork by Mary Thorp and Kim Major-George


editions 1,2,3 and 4: Beautifully designed and featuring cover artwork by Mary, The Editions series can be purchased as four separate booklets or as a set of four.


All the pamphlets  are printed on Calisto Pearl paper art paper – an FCS paper available from GF Smith.

poetry-books-crop Faces-in-the-Water-Front-Cover-DRAFT-FOR-WEB small Into-the-Forest_Ruth-Thorp







Soul Meditations

written by Steve Thorp

illustrated and designed by Ruth Thorp


This little book of poetic meditations by writer and therapist Steve Thorp is an encouragement to sustain the kind of beautiful, joyful and resilient life that might make a difference in our troubled world.


These small soul meditations are mindful prose-poems standing as tools in the space between earth and spirit, hope and despair, individual practice and collective activism.


They are exploratory waymarks for our journeys through this landscape.



Published by Raw Mixture Publishing in 2016


ISBN: 978-0-9928647-6-7


Size: 105x148mm (80 pages)



Lost Beauty is Steve's longest work and features poetry inspired by the landscapes of West Scotland, the North East of England and Pembrokeshire.


Life and The Fixing of Things are both pamphlets that were produced as a collaborative project with spiritual artist Kim Major-George.


The Fixing of Things  2012, formed part of an exhibition of Kim's work that toured various venues with the poems framed and hung alongside. A version of the exhibition was also published in Dark Mountain Volume 3 in 2012 - published by The Dark Mountain Project.


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