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£17.00 (Sold out)

An inspiring collection of words and images from Mary, Steve and Ruth Thorp

So what’s inside?

- a bit of inspiration
- a bit of encouragement
& a bit of a challenge

Included in the box:

- Hello Day One letter from Mary Thorp
- 30 day slow progress, no pressure challenge, to make one thing happen every day!
- Pocket poems by Steve Thorp - What to do today, What to to today (part two), Laugh out loud
- Paper Fortune
- The Raw Mixture Creative Bursary
- Soul Meditations Book //  This little book of poetic meditations by writer and therapist Steve Thorp is an encouragement to sustain the kind of beautiful, joyful and resilient life that might make a difference in our troubled world. These small soul meditations are mindful prose-poems standing as tools in the space between earth and spirit, hope and despair, individual practice and collective activism. They are exploratory waymarks for our journeys through this landscape.

Packaged beautifully in a natural cardboard box and tied up with string - a wonderful gift to give to friends and family this christmas or as a little treat for yourself!

Words by Mary and Steve Thorp
Illustrations and design by Ruth Thorp

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