"You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have."

Maya Angelou

Raw Mixture Publishing is a small creative imprint, run from our home studio on the very west coast of Wales. Our logo is a crucible: a melting pot of ideas and projects from which all sorts of creative and printed collaborations emerge. We are independent – as a business and as individuals – with a stubborn belief we can get things done.


Creativity can be as frustrating as it is fun but a good team can work the spark into a fiery flame of a product, beautifully finished and ready to show the world. Our team has a great design ethos – verging on obsession actually – and a wide ranging mix of talents previously put to use in the professional world.


We run Raw Mixture Publishing alongside other ventures - Raw Mixture handmade and Unpsychology Magazine - and have a preference for keeping things small scale. We relish the excitement of a project when it all starts to come together and enjoy meeting up for creative time in our barn in Pembrokeshire.


In between there are quiet periods of writing, illustrating, editing, lay-up, reflection and visualisation. We have a determination to do things well and our diverse offering now includes books and pamphlets, illustrated books and magazines, meditations, poetry, a pack of encouragement, cards and prints. There is much in the pipeline and we run workshops and promote existing work as e-courses.


Printing has never been so accessible or diverse; e-publishing even more so. Our experience tells us beautiful books are still in fashion and children are still learning to read.


Our expectations are high!