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Although, we are currently unable to accept unsolicited manuscripts, it doesn’t mean we don’t want to help. As creative people ourselves, we understand just how daunting it can be trying to get your work out there, which is why we want to help you take that all important step towards getting your work published.


We offer a range of services from publishing consultancy, copy editing and proofreading. For more information or to get a personalised quote, please contact us. We will happily supply a free sample edit if you wish to send us an 800 word excerpt of your work.


Content edit:

Writing is not all about perfect spelling and excellent grammar. Your story may be written in perfect English, but that doesn’t make it a best seller yet. With this service, we offer feedback on the manuscript as a whole. You will receive a page by page edit with notes about continuity, plot development, character development, timeline issues, the opening and closing sections of the story, whether or not a section needs to be deleted or rewritten, and anything else that will help to make your writing as good as it can possibly be.


Copy Editing:

Whether you want to self-publish or submit your work to an agent or publisher, it is important to make sure your manuscript is as clean and error-free as possible, so once you’re happy with your final draft, it’s time to hand it over for copy editing.


With this service, we will correct grammar, spelling and punctuation, and ensure that the text reads smoothly.



The proofread comes after the copy edit and is the final stage of the editing process. The proofreader will be looking out for any outstanding errors that may have been missed in the previous copy edit so that you will have a final manuscript that you are happy to share with the world!


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