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Raw Mixture is a creative family run publishing house. We work between our studios in Pembrokeshire, Oxfordshire and Bath and are dedicated to creating inspiring, well written and beautifully illustrated books with integrity.


At the heart of Raw Mixture Publishing is a belief that we can get things done. Between us we have a great deal of raw energy and an eclectic and wide ranging mix of talents – hence Raw Mixture. Our philosophy encompasses a determination to do things well, with passion and a commitment to engaging design.


Publishing anything successfully is hard but we don’t feel it is impossible. We are a creative lot and relish the excitement of bringing a project to life, our way.


Printing has never been so accessible or diverse;

e-publishing even more so. Our experience tells us beautiful books are still in fashion and children are still learning to read. Our expectations are high!


"You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have." Maya Angelou

Upcoming events, shows and markets:



14th September 2016

The Rose Hill, Brighton

Unpsychology Magazine Issue 3 Brighton Launch

Free entry - music, conversation, readings and good company! 7.30 start and bookstall!


Back at Fishguard Artisan Market from 21st January 2016

Every Thursday

Fishguard Artisan Market - Fishguard Town Hall, Pembrokeshire