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a selection of lovely reviews and feedback

'I think this book is going to stay with me forever. The kind of book that I will pick up and read sections, pick up and immerse myself in. The balance and purity make me calm and yet excite me at the same time [...] I read the page on Childhood and welled up - I think it is a wonderfully written, thought-provoking marvel''  Dawn J


Soul Manifestos and Pieces of Joy

Lilly Mae

by Sarah Mahfoudh & Ruth Thorp

'We are often asked in the library, for books about weather, and it’s very difficult to track down either a book that covers multiple kinds of weather, or books that show it in a clear and simple way. Lilly Mae achieves both of these things. I would certainly recommend it to customers in my library for this purpose. Really wonderful.' Book Monster Ally


'"Again? Again! Again?". We read it cover to cover 4 times in a row without pausing for breath.'  Ryan of DadCreek


'Again Ruth Thorp has illustrated a perfect and unique little picture book, her design skills simply shine through the pages and the story written by Sarah Mahfoudh is wonderfully unique amongst the current crop of picture books. [...] These sorts of stories which explain the world around us are such rare gems.


Fifi (6) and Ned (3) really loved this story and found it quite inspirational. They loved the illustrations, especially Lilly Mae’s dress sense. Its definitely resulted in quite a lot of dramatic and active role playing this Easter break.


It's one that you are sure to treasure and your child will keep for their little ones.' Clare from Being a Mummy

Squiggle Bee

by Ruth Thorp

'Ruth's illustrations are bold and full of energy and the story of the little Squiggle Bee is delightful.'  The Tester Family


'Ruth has excelled herself with the illustrations in this book. There is a new depth of colour and interest that gives a powerful feel of the different places the little bee visits. Like her previous books, the illustrations are still bold and bright, but this time with more depth and interest on each page, a work of art!'  Book Monster Ally

The Squawks

by Ruth Thorp

'We love 'The squawks.' Utter magic'  Dawn J


'The Squawks is a joyful picture book; gorgeous to look at and pure fun to read.'  My Book Corner


'With a limited colour palette and a plethora of tongue tingling words, Ruth Thorp has created a playful picture book that demonstrates to young listeners that words are fun – fun to hear, fun to mess about with, fun to write and fun to invent.' Red Reading Hub

'My Mum gave me this little book for Christmas, and I absolutely adore it. I am drinking in the beautiful words and gorgeous images - it immediately makes me feel calm, connected, alive: in tune with everything around me. So, thankyou!  Sian (via Etsy) 


Soul Meditations

Soul Manifestos

and Pieces

of Joy

by Steve Thorp

illustrated by Ruth Thorp

Faces in the Water

by Sarah Mahfoudh

'A brilliant book. The colourful, descriptive language draws one into a magical, fantasy world where the subplots of love and war only strengthen the storyline. A real page turner. An excellent first novel. Highly recommended." Susan W


'Loved this book. I was completely drawn into the world of Eshna. Totally hooked and couldn't put it down. I can't wait for the next installment! I think it's supposed to be a young adult book but I would recommend for bigger adults like me too! Five stars.'


'Faces In The Water was amazing; it pulled me in right from the start [...] The story line is very gripping and after each chapter I had to carry on reading [...] As well as the story being gripping it was funny and sad. The emotion the story creates is phenomenal and I was in tears by the end! I would highly recommend this book for ages 8 and up [...] This is definitely a five star book and I have already recommended it to my friends.'

Soul Meditations

by Steve Thorp

designed & illustrated by Ruth Thorp

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