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Mary Thorp

I am a happy creative, always designing, printing and working on new projects.


I design and make a diverse range of prints, cards and stationery items which all begin with messy printing sessions and original drawings. I scan these pieces and work digitally to create the finished artwork.


Often this involves a happy accident, collaging and overlaying unrelated pieces which spark an idea and often a whole new collection. I have always loved posters and bold graphics and have had a lot of fun with some old woodblock type! There is definitely more to explore there.

Converting some old stone barns into a house, garden and workspace was the happiest, most fulfilling project of my life. My mantra became “one rock at a time…!” It pretty much applies to everything in life: you can get things done if you actually start.

On the publishing side I am a supportive and motivating editor and critic. Our business is small and manageable, rather than scary and stressful. There is a lot of laughter, there are many creative conversations, and of course, we are all obsessed with books.

Steve Thorp

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I am a writer, educator and therapist supporting people’s deep wellbeing, creativity and activism.


Raw Mixture is the publishing imprint for my writing and  for ‘Unpsychology’ - the online magazine that I edit in collaboration with Julia Macintosh.


Living here in West Wales, the landscape is a source of inspiration and healing. Even though we live in troubled times I feel it is still possible to explore the potential for joy and creativity – and this is what my poetry and prose aims to do.


My books, pamphlets and online writing often weave together the human and other-than-human, and celebrate the infinite wonder and beauty of our world. Being part of a wonderful family that works and creates together (and being a grandpa to two granddaughters!) provides me with the motivation to keep trying to make a difference.


My publications include ‘Soul Manifestos and Pieces of Joy’, ‘Soul Meditations’, ‘Blue Marble’ and ‘PoetryMix 1-4’ - a collection of small anthologies. The follow up to ‘Soul Meditations’ – entitled ‘Lifesongs’ – was published in 2020.


You can find me online at and my online writings are on Medium and Substack

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Sarah Mahfoudh

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I am a designer, illustrator and maker with a love for colour, graphics, picture books and print. I run Ruth Thorp Studio from my home in Bath where I create a range of illustrated cards and prints alongside the books that are published and created in collaboration with Raw Mixture.

My work is inspired by nature, incredible landscapes and a sense of adventure. I am drawn to clear, sophisticated design and bold graphics, using colour and minimalist layouts to create pieces that make people smile.


The art of storytelling through both words and pictures fascinates me and I love that people can attach their own stories and experiences to the work I have created. I love to hear my work has brightened someone’s day and added a bit of beauty to the world.


I have a degree in Architecture from The University of Bath and worked for 10 years in an international Landscape Architecture practice before forming Ruth Thorp Studio in 2013.


I work as a freelance illustrator, creating and selling illustrated collections. I also take on commissions and collaborations and have had my work published in magazines and journals including Breathe; Ernest Journal; Simple Things; Severine; Halo Lit; Barefoot Diaries; and Unpsychology Magazine.


My first book ‘The Squawks’ was published by Raw Mixture in April 2014, followed by a collaborative project with my sister Sarah who wrote 'Lilly Mae'. I wrote and illustrated 'Squiggle Bee', published in November 2015.


I have designed and illustrated a number of books for Raw Mixture Publishing including ‘Soul Manifestos & Pieces of Joy’, ‘Soul Meditations’ and 'Blue Marble' all written by Steve Thorp. I designed the cover art layout for 'Faces in the Water' by Sarah Mahfoudh. I also illustrated 'Surviving the Tsunami of Grief' written by Katrina Taee and Wendelien McNicoll.

I am an author, editor and occasional illustrator. I write and illustrate children’s books for all ages, including Young Adult fiction. Through my books, I strive to promote confidence, emotional resilience, diversity and equality.

I love to create compelling characters who challenge stereotypes and who encourage young readers to ask questions about the world around them.


There's always magic in the stories I write as well as lots of humour and a healthy dose of adventure.


Like many parents, my usual working routine was turned upside down in 2020 when covid hit. With the whole family at home all the time and with the demands of homeschooling suddenly thrust upon me, I found myself turning to smaller, more child-friendly projects for a while. You can find some of these projects, here. There are articles, ideas, colouring sheets, craft resources, fun exercise ideas and many other links to inspire children to be confident, compassionate and open-minded individuals.

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